Let’s start with a healthy diet…


Spinach: part of my new diet

I’ve been getting slightly anal when it comes to foods that I should eat while trying to conceive.  It has made a huge impact on our weekly shopping.  Foods that I never really wanted to try are now something that we are eating everyday.



I looked at these two sites when deciding what to eat and what to take:

Preconception Diet

Healthy eating during pregnancy


I’m a self-confessed junk-food eater with a sweet tooth.  I had successfully cut out chocolate and cakes until the Easter weekend, which then coincided with my time of the month along with my mother’s birthday and someone leaving at work.  All those events had cakes and chocolates galore.  I couldn’t really refuse.  So towards the end of March and the beginning of April, my sweet tooth got the better of my new diet.


Did I feel guilty as I devoured each delectable crumb of my chocolate egg?  Did I fret about inhaling the heavenly chocolate cake?  My taste buds were experiencing ecstasy, so the answer was no.  Now in hindsight I wish I had said no. But I’m human after all with a weakness for chocolate.


However, this week I’m starting afresh again.  I’ve got a dried fruit mix to add onto my museli cereal.  I’ve also bought low-fat yogurts, dried apricots, celery sticks and more fruit to snack on instead of chocolate.  We’ve not had crisps in the house for nearly a month and that is hard when I used to love munching on a packet during break time at work.


We have also swapped white bread for brown; white rice is swapped for brown rice.  The brown bread is dry and harder to eat, possibly like eating a stale piece of bread, but I’m not giving up that easily.  If it is healthier and better for me, it is staying.  We’ve also added spinach, figs, hummus, sardines, kidney beans and brazil nuts to our diet.


glass-833215_1920I’ve also made a resolution to eat all of my dinner at work, instead of what I usually do: eat only half of it and drink a small amount because I’m having to deal with behavioural issues from earlier in the day.  A lack of water is my main downfall.  For some reason, I’m not a big drinker.  I know I need it to clear out my system, but sometimes I just don’t feel thirsty.  I need to make a conscious decision to drink more.


Gone are the beef meals we used to cook.  Instead we are opting for more chicken, turkey and fish meals.


In a way I do feel healthier when I’m eating all this stuff, and it has helped my IBS.  Hopefully, this will help me to conceive some time soon.


Anybody got any other advice that I should be taking?  Let me know in the comment section below.


Where have you gone to, Ovulation?


Waiting for the contraceptive pill to be out of my system…

It wasn’t until I was researching into how to increase my chances of conceiving that I realised something about my own body.  I suppose with being on the pill for 5 years, I have forgotten about the basics of my cycle.  It seems that the ovulation mucus that I should have around day 12-14 is really not happening for me.  Information on Ovulation can be found here.

Instead, and this is the weirdest thing, this mucus is appearing a few days short of my period.

Now, I’m not sure whether my body has got back to normal after coming off two different types of pill.  I stopped taking the POP pill just before Christmas last year after being on it for nearly two years.  Before that I was on the combined oral pill for over three years.  When I stopped taking the pill completely, the nurse did say it could take up to six months for my fertility to return properly.  I could be expecting a bit too much too soon, but my monthly cycle did return straight away which gave me false hope.  Perhaps my stress levels are playing havoc with my ovulation?  Or perhaps it is something else?

I won’t find out either way until I go to the doctor; however, that is not until mid-April when I’ve booked my appointment.  In the meantime, I will hope that my now 21-day cycle will increase back to the 28-day one it was on pre-pill.

Until then I will continue to eat all the food that is recommended for trying to conceive.  I will continue to lurk on pregnancy sites and pretend I know what all the acronyms are.  The only two I actually know are DTD and TTC.

I will also continue to take my daily folic acid tablet with my breakfast and hope that it will happen soon.

Thanks to Pixabay for all the images you will find on this website.

Tick tock… It’s the Sound of the Biological Clock


The clock is ticking…


As I’ve reached the milestone of being 30, my body is starting to talk to me.  When I met up with a friend I haven’t seen in ages, and I saw how she was with her two sons, I realised that I don’t want to wait until I’ve got that promotion.  I don’t want to wait until I’ve finished that project.  I want to start having children now.


I started looking around at all my friends that I went to school with who have children.  I seem to be the anomaly that went off to university and got myself a career job.  And while I have done that, I wonder whether my penchant for DVD boxsets and chick lit books is really hiding that hole that I have inside me.  Do I think that if I just buy that DVD – and wait until I’ve eventually watched it – or I’ll buy that book, that it will make me whole?




My problem is that I’m worried that as I continue my trek through the tricenarian forest, will it get more difficult to become pregnant?   My work is important to me, but what is more important in the long run is what I leave behind when I’m gone.  Who will be there to look after me when I’m old and greying?  Who will be at my bedside as I take my last dying breath?


I’ve always been adamant that I’d be a rubbish mother, as I consider myself to be quite selfish, and I was always a strange type of woman who would never go gaga over babies, but would always say that puppies were cute and gush over them instead.


Now, I want it all.  I want the two babies.  I want the crying in the middle of the night, the cleaning snot from a nose and wiping it on my nightie.  There are going to be no more regrets.