Where have you gone to, Ovulation?


Waiting for the contraceptive pill to be out of my system…

It wasn’t until I was researching into how to increase my chances of conceiving that I realised something about my own body.  I suppose with being on the pill for 5 years, I have forgotten about the basics of my cycle.  It seems that the ovulation mucus that I should have around day 12-14 is really not happening for me.  Information on Ovulation can be found here.

Instead, and this is the weirdest thing, this mucus is appearing a few days short of my period.

Now, I’m not sure whether my body has got back to normal after coming off two different types of pill.  I stopped taking the POP pill just before Christmas last year after being on it for nearly two years.  Before that I was on the combined oral pill for over three years.  When I stopped taking the pill completely, the nurse did say it could take up to six months for my fertility to return properly.  I could be expecting a bit too much too soon, but my monthly cycle did return straight away which gave me false hope.  Perhaps my stress levels are playing havoc with my ovulation?  Or perhaps it is something else?

I won’t find out either way until I go to the doctor; however, that is not until mid-April when I’ve booked my appointment.  In the meantime, I will hope that my now 21-day cycle will increase back to the 28-day one it was on pre-pill.

Until then I will continue to eat all the food that is recommended for trying to conceive.  I will continue to lurk on pregnancy sites and pretend I know what all the acronyms are.  The only two I actually know are DTD and TTC.

I will also continue to take my daily folic acid tablet with my breakfast and hope that it will happen soon.

Thanks to Pixabay for all the images you will find on this website.


2 thoughts on “Where have you gone to, Ovulation?

  1. FofoFl'or says:

    i am a medical student and after my 3 years in med school i’ve learnt am not a great fan of contraceptives! all of them have risks, and delaying to conceive maybe one but am not here to scare you what i think is you should give it more time, for your hormones to normalize and your body too, also since you are very conscious about it all the counting and waiting may make it a whole lot harder, because that anxiety may play a trick with your hormones, so as hard as it is, please take a deep breath and believe it will happen..taking care of your body and exercising may help a deal too, but then relax your mind and heart more..xx


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