I’m finally joining women my age in wanting to start having a family.  This is a big moment for me, as I was never one to go gooey over babies of any kind.  I would normally plant a fake smile on my mouth and give them the relevant platitudes of ‘isn’t she gorgeous’ or ‘isn’t he a cutie’.  It was usually cute puppies that would make me  “aww” and coo.

The clock is finally ticking and my body is screaming out for a baby.  Join me in this journey from current workaholic, who needs to find a balance in her life if she ever wants to get pregnant, to a mother… hopefully!pregnant-393364_1280


4 thoughts on “About

  1. FofoFl'or says:

    do something about your workaholic status, get out in the world and live, work is important but as you become a mother some of your priorities will drastically change!hope you get pregnant soon xx


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